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The HTC 8X has several things going for it, namely a very thin and light design, and a wide availability among US carriers. Those are two very strong points that may ultimately be at the root of its eventual success.

However, outside of those two important advantages, the HTC 8X does not bring much more to the table: its Windows Phone 8 experience is not enhanced by exclusive apps like Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport or Nokia Music, and its photo/video performance, while not bad, is not impressive either. The same thing goes for the 4.3” screen which is “very good, but still not excellent”.

Specs highlights

- Windows Phone® 8 operating system
- Three-dimensional, uni-body style based on the Windows Phone Live Tiles
- 4.3″ touch screen with HD 720p (1280 x 720) resolution
- Beats Audio™ with 3.5mm jack and speaker
- 2.1MP front-facing camera with an 88-degree wide angle lens and 8MP rear camera
- with BSI sensor and f/2.0 lens

Industrial design
Obviously, this is a matter of personal preferences, but for those who will order this smartphone based on what they’ve seen online, I’m going to provide my best shot at covering the important design points.

The HTC 8X uses the same polycarbonate material which was used for the HTC One Series.The texture is a bit different and features a matte, soft, surface that seems particularly resistant to scratches and most likely drops.

The HTC 8X feels good in the hand and although some users may find the edges to be a bit too thin/pointy, I have to say that the light weight does bring added-value as far as I’m concerned. This phone feels much lighter than the Lumia 920. If that’s important to you, then this is an edge against which the Lumia 920 is pretty much defenseless.

The 4.3” Super LCD 2 touch screen has a 1280×720 resolution, and produces accurate colors that could be compared to the IPS display of the Lumia 920 and other IPS displays on the market. The brightness is also very good and should be sufficient in most situations.

The only weak spot of the HTC 8X Super LCD 2 display is the black levels which are always a bit more “gray” when compared to the Lumia 920 IPS display. The more you crank the brightness and the more obvious the difference is. Both displays would lose out to an AMOLED display (typically used in Samsung phones) when it comes to black levels, but in relative terms, the Lumia 920 has an edge here. On the other hand, AMOLED displays have less realistic colors.


The video capabilities are very good. This is a 1080p movie from Starcraft

Video: Playing 1080p video is pretty easy for the Snapdragon S4 processor that powers the HTC 8X, so this isn’t much of a challenge. In practical terms, this means that you should be able to enjoy the full quality of the 720p movie, if you find content to load on your phone… right now, there is no way to rent or buy movies on Windows Phone 8… too bad because renting movies is great on the Microsoft Surface RT tablet.

Gaming: Windows Phone has a good shot at establishing itself as a great gaming platform, but right now, we can’t say that it is the case. We’ve tested XBox live games like Earthworm Jim HD which is a 2D game (in standard definition) and Top Truck, which is also 2D and physics based. They don’t exactly push the hardware envelope. If there’s a title that you would recommend to us, drop a comment below. In the meantime, we know that the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 hardware has great potential for gaming, but that this has yet to be realized.Digital Imaging (Good++, color-balance is a bit off)

Digital Imaging (Good++, color-balance is a bit off)
In terms of photography the HTC 8X is pretty decent. I have compared it with the iPhone 5, the Galaxy Note 2, and of course with the Lumia 920. This is a tough group to beat, and they are recognized as having very good or excellent photo capabilities. I will lay it out for you:

- The iPhone 5 has the best color representation
- The Galaxy Note 2 produces sharper and less noisy brightly lit photos
- The Lumia 920 bets everyone in low-light photography, but gets the color balance wrong
- The HTC 8X does OK, but leads in none of the above categories

Bright photo: the iPhone 5 does a good job of capturing what I see

While being quite good, the HTC 8X does not reproduce what my eyes see in either bright, or dim lighting conditions. That is a pity, and I disagree with those who say that the HTC 8X can rival the Samsung and Apple phones in terms of digital photography. It’s not quite there yet. Here’s why:

In the bright settings, the HTC 8X shot an image which is too dark and which fails to convey the overall brightness of the scene. The iPhone 5 does that properly (see above). In low-light conditions, the HTC shoots and image that is not too noisy, but that is way too yellow (see low-light paragraph below).

In bright conditions, the HTC 8X photos are a bit dark. A bit more exposure would have been great

The Lumia 920 got the color balance completely wrong in bright light

The Lumia 920 gets incredible low-light performance, but the color balance is completely wrong: it’s totally blue in bright lighting conditions, and shifts back to white when it’s supposed to be a bit yellow. While this wasn’t a problem for sharing web photos on Facebook, photography enthusiast should take note.

Both the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (and probably the S3) and the iPhone 5 get close to what my eyes are seeing, with a slight edge for the iPhone 5 in terms of color accuracy, and an edge for the Samsung for image sharpness in bright light, as the iPhone 5 tends to stay noisy and slightly over-exposed.

In dim lighting, both the Galaxy Note 2 and the iPhone 5 do a good job at capturing what I see — except with noise

In dim lighting, the HTC 8X goes all yellow on us

Believe it or not, this is the LOW LIGHT photo captured by the Lumia 920. Color balance is OFF (too white/blue) but the image quality is incredible

The same is pretty much true for video recording, except that the iPhone 5 loses its lead because it has a ridiculously narrow field of view. The Lumia 920 is actually the best video recording device in this particular tests, as it got the color-balance perfectly right in the bright setting, although still wrong in the low-light scene. The Galaxy Note 2 does well, but doesn’t quite capture the brightness of the scene in full light.

Battery Life (Good+)

Most likely, you will need to charge your handset every evening

At first, I noticed that the overnight battery depletion (8hrs) was in the 33% range, and I was VERY worried, but it turns out that it was the GPS that was ON at all times. This is really bad. I advise every Windows Phone 8 users to disable the Location (settings>location) in order to conserve power.

With the GPS OFF, the phone loses about 10% of its battery life overnight in standby mode (LTE and WIFI active). While this is not a bad battery depletion rate, the Lumia 920 and phones like the Galaxy Note 2 do considerably better. Despite having nearly the same battery capacity as the Lumia 920 (1800 vs. 2000 mAh), we found that the HTC 8X battery optimization isn’t as good in general. I suspect that many people will have to charge the HTC 8X on a daily basis.

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My opinion
If you want a Windows Phone 8 handset, you have to decide if you love this 8X design, or if the Lumia 920 is just too big and heavy. If you don’t mind the extra weight and being on AT&T, the Lumia 920 choice is a no-brainer. If you are truly patient, you may want to wait for the Samsung ATIV S which seems like a Galaxy phone running on Windows Phone 8… but it will come out only in a couple of weeks…

Well, many of HTC 8X users may have run into the circumstance like receiving a video format that our HTC 8X can't play, for example, videos like M4V movies form iTunes, MKV movies (HD video format) and the FLV movies(YouTube video format), and DVDs etc. Usually we will just give up or even think there must be something wrong with the smartphones. But unfortunately, that's not the case at all. In fact, we can play the videos with just a few clicks.

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Being an Htc inspire 4g user I have every right to say about the brand. Even though I use an android device with makes me have better use experience and customization, I feel this is the best mobile phone brand that has never compromised on build quality.