Connecting Sony Xperia S to PC/Mac for Moving 1080p/720p videos/movies/photos to Xperia S and Ripping DVD movies to Sony Xperia S

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If you are the owner of the Sony Xperia S, have you met some connection problems between your PC/Mac and Xperia S, for example, the frustrating ”Searching Phone” and “Unable to detect your phone” error messages when connecting a Sony Xperia S smartphone to a Windows 7 PC via USB.

Part I: On PC with PC Companion

1. Disconnect the Sony Xperia S from the PC.

2. Turn off USB debugging if it’s enabled:
Menu > Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging

3. Clear data for the MTPapp in the phone.
Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > All > Mtpapp

Try connecting my Sony Xperia S to the PC again now. If you’re lucky, PC Companion will now successfully detect your phone. If problems persist, these further steps can help resolve the problem:

4. Connect the phone via USB and go to the Device manager on the computer. Check if you can locate the phone or any Unknown/New device that could be the phone or if you perhaps see the phone as a device. Right click it and select to uninstall.

5. Still in Device manager open the list for USB controllers (Universal Serial Bus Controllers) and right click each one of these controllers and select to uninstall.

When all of this is done reboot your computer and before connecting your phone again repeat step 2.

You should of course not have to do this every time you connect your phone to your computer but hopefully this could remove any error causing your phone not to connect properly.

After successfully connecting Sony Xperia S to Windows, you can move Xperia content with folders on your disk or just simply drag and drop any type of files between your Xperia phone and your PC.

Part II: On Mac with Sony Bridge for Mac

The following should only be done the first time:

1. Open Sony Bridge for Mac and go in Preferences
2. Deselect the option to start Sony Bridge for Mac when a phone is connected

This avoid Sony Bridge for Mac to start automatically and so too early before the phone is ready.

Once this done you just have to:

1. Open a process monitoring app on the phone (like OSMonitor (see Google Play))
2. Connect the phone to the PC
3. Monitor the MtpApp process and wait for it to finish (i.e: stop using CPU time on the phone and disappearing from the top of the processes list on OSMonitor)
4. Once the MtpApp process finished, open Sony Bridge for Mac and wait for it to detect the phone (it can take some time)

When the Sony Xperia S and Mac connection is finished, it’s time for you to transfer media files between Xperia S and your Mac.

Note: To transfer video/movie files to Sony Xperia S from PC/Mac for playback without any format limitation, some great softwares becomes a must, here listed as below.

1. If you have downloaded video files from YouTube or somewhere else and you are planning to transfer HD videos, DVD movies to Xperia S, but you can't play them on your Sony Xperia S smartphone, in this case , Brorsoft Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate for Xperia S can be your best assitant for Xperia S to make a fastest and easiest video format conversion. It supports batch convert video files like .wmv, .mkv, .mov, .avi, .xvid, .divx, .mts, .m2ts, .flv, etc, and rip and Blu-ray/DVD movies to your needs at the same time.

2.You may also want to watch your DVD collection on your Xperia S on your trip or on the go. With a DVD converter, you don't need to carry your personal DVD collection with you anywhere you go. Broorsoft DVD to Sony Xperia S Converter can be your best assitant to rip your DVD movies to your Sony Xperia S easily and fast. What's more, you can use it to make copies of your DVD for backup

3. If you are Mac users, and you are trying to put DVD movies, 1080p/720p videos to Xperia S on Mac OS X, Brorsoft Sony Xperia S iMedia Converter for Mac will be your best choice to convert your HD videos and rip your DVD library to Xperia S friendly format with the best output quality with perfect video audio sync

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