Choose One from Galaxy S III & HTC One X then Enjoy/Play/Watch HD Videos On Galaxy S3 & HTC One X Smoothly

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In recent years, we always like to compare new listing of smartphones with iPhone, and iPhone is still the best-selling smartphone even today, however, these days, nearly everyday I can hear this question: "Should I choose HTC One X, or wait for Samsung Galaxy S3?" This is the first time I see Android system smartphones to give rise to greater interest than the iPhone.  


So, today in this chapter, we first briefly disscusion about Samsung Galaxy S III vs HTC One X , who is the last winner in your heart? And then turn our attention to solve the problem of  Galaxy S3 & HTC One X can not play HD Videos MKV, FLV, MOV, VOB, TiVo, MTS, M2TS, etc. Which we need is a third party conversion software. Here we can benefits from Brorsoft HD Video Converter (Windows & Mac).


巅峰对决:三星Galaxy S3 vs. HTC One X深度比对 

GALAXY S III & HTC One X are two best Android phones of 2012
Currently, in many forums we can find lots of articles about the comparison between these two Android smartphones. As an old proverb: "Every man has his hobbyhorse." So in the choice between these two phones I hope to be able to keep as objective as possible.After a lot of time browsing, I found a post which was very well written, and share with you here:(I only partially intercepted, if you want to know more
, you can google search the original souce from: )

HTC One X over the Samsung Galaxy S3

●Beats audio
●Already on the market
●Build quality (?) - question mark since plastic might be better when it comes to signal transmission


Samsung Galaxy S3 over the HTC One X 

●Bigger screen - 4.8" over 4.7"
●Super AMOLED HD Screen is better than the LCD screen of the HTC One X
●Higher display contrast and better sunlight legibility
●More storage options - Samsung Galaxy S3 offers 16/32/64GB + microSD over the HTC One X's non-expandable 26GB
●Higher quality camera sensor and lens compared to HTC One X
●2GB RAM which is better than the 1GB RAM of the HTC One X
●Comes with a cool and useful barometer
●Faster and better GPU
●S Voice natural language commands and dictation
●S Beam for easy and fast file transfers
●User-accessible 2100mAh battery over non-removable 1800mAh battery
●1.9MP front-facing camera with Smart Stay


After reading these, whether there is an intention in your heart? With Galaxy S3 & HTC One X, sharing your content with friends nearby should be easy, quick, and even fun. But we find that both of them have file format limit. Sometimes we may have lots of unsupported video files like MKV, MTS, M2TS, MOV, AVI, FLV, etc stored on our PC, if we can not play these HD videos on Galaxy S3 or HTC One X  you must feel very distressed. So in order to enable more people get better experience , in the folling pages, I will provide a simple guide to convert 1080P/720P HD Movies to Samsung Galaxy S3 & HTC One X MP4 Format. Which we need is a third party tool. Next, Let's go for starting!

Make Preparations:
Free download Brorsoft HD Video Converter to contine.(note: you can choose download the free-trial version to try first. Brorsoft is one of the best conversion software provider, this video converter can help you easily complete the video formats conversion.)

PC running 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 , if you are a mac user , get the mac version please, and make sure running Mac OS X (Leopard/Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion).   

Next, please go for the  simple steps listed below: 


Step 1: Make sure you have launched the best Galaxy S3 & HTC One X HD Video Converter, run it, please, then click the button like a disc to add your HD video files to it.
1. Tick off the “Merge into one” box to combine/merge several video files if you have several video files.
2. Click the “Split” button to split your large MKV, MTS or some other HD files.

Step 2:Click on the dropdown menu of “Format” and then move your pointer to “Common Video”> H.264 Video (*.mp4)” which is best video format for you to add HD videos to Galaxy S3&HTC One X.

Step 3:Click the “Settings” icon, adjust codec, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channel in the interface to optimize the output file quality.
Tip: According to Galaxy S3& HTC One X screen resolution, you can set the video size as 1280*720 to watch HD movies on Galaxy S3 & HTC One X in full screen with HD video quality.

Step 4: Click the “Convert” button; it will
convert 1080p/720p videos to MP4 immediately.


After the conversion is done, copy the output files to HTC One X or Galaxy S III freely for enjoyment at ease. Thus, you can watch/play/view HD movies on HTC One X & Galaxy S3 for enjoyments.


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